SBT Lead Therapeutic sdAb: SBT-100

SBT Lead Therapeutic sdAb: SBT-100

    SBT-100 is a bi-specific KRAS/STAT3 inhibitor

  • Nanomolar affinity to KRAS/STAT3 (the most common mutations)

  • Internalizes into cancer cells

  • Crosses cell membrane & BBB (Blood Brain Barrier)

  • In vivo & In vitro efficacy data against KRAS & STAT3 cancers

  • Short serum half-life but long biological half-life

  • No toxicity observed for 28 days

  • Pre-IND stage (1Q18)

  • Potential therapeutic for a large range of cancers

    • In various malignancies (pancreatic cancer and glioblastomas) KRAS & STAT3 work together to produce malignant transformation.

    • KRAS can promote IL-6 production in the tumor microenvironment resulting in STAT3 activation in cancer cells.

    • In some clinical situations KRAS via its downstream target can phosphorylate the serine residue of STAT3 to further potentiate its activation.

    • Targeting both KRAS & STAT3 minimizes the potential for drug resistant cancer cells from developing.

    • STAT3 plays a critical role in KRAS-induced pancreatic tumorigenesis.

Immunohistochemical (IHC) Staining:

Cancer Cells
Cancer Cells + SBT-100