At Singh Biotechnology we are discover and develop proprietary therapeutic agents to target disease(s). We perform specialized research and development using our novel disruptive technology platform to generate proprietary novel single domain antibody (sdAb) inhibitors in order to treat cancer(s), as well as autoimmune and ophthalmic diseases.

  • The Single Doman Antibody (sdAb) from camelid, also known as VHH antibodies, is at the forefront of antibody research in HIV, cancer, and other cellular diseases.

  • Singh Biotechnology has leveraged the fact that the single domain nature of these antibodies provides unique advantages that set them apart for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

  • SBT has developed a novel and properitery disruptive drug development platform that utilizes the single domain antibody (sdAb) technology to create miniature antibodies that are VHHs (variable region of the Camelid antibody devoid of light chains).

  • Bi-specific single domain antibodies, which are capable of simultaneous binding to two different targets, are considered the most promising solution to increase therapeutic activity by retargeting a large variety of payloads to cancer cells.

  • Using our novel and proprietary technology we have engineered our sdAbs to be mono-specific & bi-specific, with the ability to cross the cell membrane and cross the blood brain barrier to specifically target intracellular proteins, which play an important role in the pathogenesis of a variety of diseases.